Penn State names athletics integrity officer

Penn State names athletics integrity officer

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Julie Del Giorno, chief of staff at Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary in Bethlehem, Pa., has been named athletics integrity officer at Penn State. Del Giorno, whose position has been newly created, will be responsible for the development, implementation and oversight of policies and practices within the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics that ensure compliance and ethical conduct. She will begin work on a part-time basis in March and will commence full-time work in her position on April 1.

"Julie is an outstanding choice for this position," said Penn State President Rodney Erickson. "As she begins her work here at Penn State, she will draw on more than two decades of experience in higher education and the U.S. military. Her track record of success in athletics oversight and operations, student affairs, logistics and institutional planning has given her valuable experience that will serve the University well."

Del Giorno’s position was created as part of the University’s work to fulfill the requirements of the Athletics Integrity Agreement entered into in August 2012 among the NCAA, the Big Ten and Penn State. The position will be in addition to the compliance officer already working within Intercollegiate Athletics. Del Giorno will oversee compliance with obligations of integrity, civility, ethics and institutional control. The position is expected to report to the University-wide chief compliance officer, a position currently being filled by the University.

Beginning in 2006, Del Giorno served as the senior administrator with athletic oversight for the Moravian College NCAA Division III Intercollegiate Athletics program, working to ensure compliance with NCAA rules and related institutional standards. She also served as the college’s chief of staff, with responsibilities for implementing administrative initiatives across the organization, as liaison to the Board of Trustees and served as the college’s Title IX coordinator, among other duties.

"I am honored and humbled to be selected to serve as the first ever athletics integrity officer at Penn State," Del Giorno said. "I will commit myself fully to the position and will work diligently to ensure that policies, procedures and practices are developed and implemented that will ensure Penn State’s compliance with the requirements set forth in the Athletics Integrity Agreement. I look forward to working in partnership with members of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, to include student-athletes, and with members of the faculty and staff on this critical work."

Previous to her time at Moravian College, Del Giorno served as interim vice president for student affairs at East Stroudsburg University, in East Stroudsburg, Pa., where she was responsible for providing leadership and guidance to the Division of Student Affairs and its programs. Also at East Stroudsburg, DelGiorno served as assistant to the president and academic coordinator for Intercollegiate Athletics.

She has held coaching positions at the University of Central Arkansas, and coaching and administrative positions at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. From 1986 to 1995, Del Giorno served as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army, including tours of duty during combat operations in the Persian Gulf War and in Somalia. She is a recipient of the U.S. Army’s Bronze Star Medal.

She earned a master of business administration degree from the University of Central Arkansas in 1998; a bachelor of science degree from the U.S. Military Academy in 1986; and is a 2000 graduate of the National Association of Collegiate Women Athletics Administrators (NACWAA) / Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) Institute for Administrative Advancement.

She maintains professional associations with the NACWAA and the National Association of Presidential Assistants in Higher Education (NAPAHE).

Penn State Trustees to undertake governance review

Discussions about changes in the governance of Penn State were part of both committee meetings and the regular meeting of the University’s Board of Trustees on Jan. 17 and 18 on the University Park campus. James Broadhurst, chairman of the Committee on Governance and Long-Range Planning for the board, made the following statement in relation to recommendations for enhancing governance:

"As part of an ongoing effort to improve governance, the Board of Trustees has been considering reforms to strengthen its ability to act as stewards of the University. In addition to internal deliberations and review, the board has heard from several stakeholders and outside experts on best practices for governance. Trustees take all of these insights very seriously and appreciate a collaborative point of view.

As directed by the chairman of the Board, the Governance Committee is conducting a comprehensive review of these insights and then, over the course of the next two board meetings, will develop a specific set of reform recommendations to present to the Board of Trustees for action. These recommendations will be made public at that time.

The Governance Committee and the entire Board of Trustees recognize the need for meaningful reform and are committed to establishing a structure that addresses the needs of our students, faculty, staff and alumni."

University issues statement regarding state’s lawsuit against NCAA

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett today (Jan. 2) announced the filing of a federal lawsuit by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania against the NCAA over its sanctions against Penn State in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal. Penn State is not a party to the lawsuit and has not been involved in its preparation or filing.
University officials said, "The University is committed to full compliance with the Consent Decree, the Athletics Integrity Agreement and, as appropriate, the implementation of the Freeh report recommendations. We look forward to continuing to work with Sen. George Mitchell as the athletic integrity monitor for complete fulfillment of the Athletics Integrity Agreement.  We recognize the important role that intercollegiate athletics provides for our student athletes and the wider University community.  Penn State continues to move forward with an unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity in all aspects of our University and continues to be a world-class educational institution of which our students, faculty, staff and alumni can be justifiably proud."

Penn State Continues Settlement Process with Feinberg Rozen

The University announced today, December 21, 2012, that the settlement process initiated by the University with the assistance of Kenneth R. Feinberg and Michael K. Rozen would continue into 2013. “This is a highly complex and sensitive matter that we are committed to completing in a fair, responsible and timely manner” said President Rodney A. Erickson. “We are pleased with the progress so far and remain hopeful that the process will result in settlement of many of the civil cases so that the victims will not have to be drawn through the legal process.”
“Michael and I are encouraged by the constructive dialogue that we have had with various Penn State representatives and lawyers involved in these cases,” said Feinberg. “We look forward to continuing our efforts to help the parties reach a mutually satisfactory resolution of the claims.”
Further discussions among the parties and Feinberg Rozen are scheduled for January.

Penn State Sets Aside First Payment of NCAA Fine

Today (Dec. 20), at the NCAA’s request, Penn State set aside the first $12 million installment of the $60 million fine imposed by the NCAA into a money market account. The deposit into the account will allow sufficient time for the NCAA’s Child Sexual Abuse Endowment Task Force to develop policy recommendations that will govern the structure and operational philosophies of the endowment to be created related to the Consent Decree. The Child Sexual Abuse Endowment Task Force, chaired by University of California-Riverside Chancellor Tim White, will choose a third-party administrator sometime this spring, which will be responsible for the long-term management of the endowment, including the awarding of dollars to programs through the life of the endowment.

This first payment was made by the Athletics Department through an internal loan from the University’s reserves and carries an interest rate of 4 percent for 30 years.  Interest rates and loan durations for the future payments to the endowment will not be determined until each payment is made year-by-year, and will based on interest rates in effect at the time of disbursement and other conditions.

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